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PeopleThought brings a Total Employment Cost approach to analyzing your human resources policies, practices, processes, programs and systems.  Our unique human capital management strategies engage, retain, identify, attract and reward the talent in order to build your business capabilities and maximize your human capital expenditures.

Many companies are disappointed with the lack of clear understanding they have on the dollars spent on human capital. Lack of human capital spend understanding misdirects dollars which could be used to drive execution of the strategy, employee engagement and retention of top talent. We believe the over spend runs between 5 to 10 percent.



Administrative and compliance


In-house approach

Outsourced approach

Expensive in-house design

Inexpensive best-practice design



Low-margin results (merit pay and staffing)

Higher-margin results (pay for performance and talent management)

Productivity improvements through better execution of existing models (multiple touch process and people)

Productivity improvement through new models (self service and technology)

Cascading of communication

Direct communication channels

Industrial based

Knowledge-worker based